Volumes: 8

copies sold: 360.000

translation possible from: Russian, German

rights available: all except Germany, Spain



Vol. 1 Eternity
AST 2010, 287 pages
A bland territory, a sort of cross between atomic wasteland and a landscape of ruins stretching from the East Sea to the Krim, from White Russia to deep in the Ural Mountains where soldiers, farmers, mutants and bandits, only to mention but a few, survive in a world that revolves around food, oil, life and death.


Vol. 2 Clans of the Waste Land
AST 2010, 352 pages
The strongest gangs control almost everything, then there’s a bunch called the “Order of Purity” who are determined to wipe out all mutants. A landscape composed of piles of debris, rusty old wrecks, overgrown woods filled with mutated beasts and a sprinkling of fortified settlements under constant threat of attack from bandits. The survivors have banded together into various tribes and clans. Some formed religious sects and orders, some became the very influential oil corporations that produce petrol in a very primitive way.


Vol. 3 Barbarian of the Crimea
AST 2010, 352 pages
What was the cause of such a disaster that threw the human race into a retrograde dark era where leftover values and codec’s mix themselves anew? Where technology and religion, barbarism and science, diplomacy and war intertwine and find new ways to exist side by side. A world that stands under a mixture of ruling forces that’s full of riddles and secrets.