Volumes: 3

author: D. Rus

copies sold: 100.000 plus amazon

translation possible from: Russian, English

rights available: all except Czech, Poland, US

Vol. 1 The Cadet
Eksmo 2015, 352 pages

The near future. A UFO appears on Earth’s orbit. Ignoring all contact attempts, it showers the planet with priceless artifacts. Choose: perfect health, ten million dollars, or seven years in prison as per the new amendment.
The night of the Meteor Shower, Paul and his friends run around the city, engaging in quick fights with citizens gone crazy, trying to obtain one of the artifacts.
But is it really selfless help the mysterious aliens are offering? What awaits a human who holds a precious crystal in his hand? Where will he wake up tomorrow? What if the first thing he sees when he opens his eyes will be the blinking line of text: “Loading location: virtual training ground Kubinka-Digital. Welcome, cadet! You’re now space fighter pilot!

Vol. 2 The Lieutnant
Eksmo 2017, 352 pages

Vol. 3 The Captain
Eksmo 2017, 350 pages