Natalia Sherba

Natalia Sherba was born in Belarus. From childhood on she loved drawing and composed short adventure stories for her classmates. She has studied engineering at the Kiev Academy of Light Industry. She has long been engaged in Wushu (martial arts), successfully performed at the competitions on al-round external styles with long fist, pole, short sword and straight sword. According to the author, all her work is based on traditions of martial arts and its rich spiritual culture and philosophy.

– Natalia Sherba’s works have a total print run of over 4 Mio
– TIME WIZARD Russia’s most popular young adult fantasy series for 8 years in a row
– Natalis Sherba has the second largest fandom (after Harry Potter) on the most popular Russian fanfic website
– more than 3.5 Mio tags for #chasodei (#часодей) on TikTok

„Natalia Sherba managed to go up the winding path to the fairy-tale, leading her young protagonists by hand. I am sure that thousands of boys and girls will follow her, breahtless with delight. It is sometime useful for adults as well to look at a real fairy-tale.“

„We have a fascinating story with a well-woven intrigue in front of us. It’s nice to see that Natalia Sherba’s energy and passion have completely transferred to the text. The rich imagination and lively immediacy of the author is a definite plus for this kind of fantasy.“

„Natalya Sherba is an author who not only wants, but masters and loves to write for children. In her outstanding magical story about Vasilisa, she manages to create a completely new, fascinating and original fantasy for children. Ancient watches that open the way to the world of fairies and watchmakers will forever change the lives of anyone who believes in their reality.“


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