G. Akella

G. Akella is the in-game user name of Georgi Smorodinski. Akella has been an avid gamer for two decades now. He is passionate about MMORPG ever since he started playing Ultima Online and WoW. His main classes are Warrior, Rogue, and Death Knight. Currently, he is playing Black Desert.

Realm of Arkon is his debut series inspired by the works of D. Rus, V. Mahanenko and others. In the author’s own words: „I wanted to create a world that lived by the game’s rules and write a book that even gamers would enjoy reading.“ His golden rule is to balance outstanding game mechanics, immersive writing and logical character growth.

G. Akella is currently living in Moscow with his wife and three daughters. His dream is to visit San Francisco one day, the city in which Patch 17 takes place.


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