Volumes: 8

author: Vitali Sertakov

copies sold: 75.000

genre: Post-apocalypse

translation possible from: Russian, German

rights available: all except Germany


Vol. 1 The Demon Awakes
Astrel 2009, 320 pages
The waking demon realises that a planetary catastrophe must have occurred. His old world no longer exists. He finds himself in an alien world ruled by gangs and magicians and where mutants pursue human beings even in broad daylight. They call him, the person from the past, the blacksmith. Those who believe that he can reverse the fate of this terrible world, however, call him the Awakened Demon.

Vol. 2 The Brotherhood of the Cross
Astrel 2009, 352 pages
Years have passed since the St. Petersburg scientist Arthur Koval awoke in a sarcophagus and was given the nickname the Awakened Demon. He manages to rise to the most powerful position in the new, merciless and gruesome world, in this destroyed land that was once Russia. And now Arthur, the Awakened Demon, wants to wake other sleeping demons, French scientists who, like him, have survived in anabiotic capsules. He prepares a campaign to Europe, one that is turned into a true hell by global ecological catastrophe. The book from the magician in the forest bestows upon him, the demon, and the bold warriors who have made him their leader, the name „Brotherhood of the Cross“.

Vol. 3 On the Trail of the Great Dying
Astrel 2010, 352 pages
It is the mid-22nd century AD. The President of the new Russia, Arthur Koval, learns that a resurrected Turkish caliphate is planning a campaign against Russia under the guise of a hypocritical, converted Russian usurper. Only a counter offensive can save his country but there are few prospects of victory as the enemy is much too strong. Arthur Koval, the Awakened Demon, therefore heads for a mysterious Chinese temple hidden within the labyrinth of an underground missile base. There, in the realm of the mutants and deadly mirages, Arthur needs to find the weapons that will ensure him of victory. s he one of them?

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