Volumes: 4

author: Jan Valetov

copies sold: 130.000

translation possible from: Russian

rights available: all except Poland and Ukraine

No Mans Land
Folio 2007-2009, approx. 350 pages each

No-Man’s land, former Ukraine. The collapse of the Dniepr dam cascade 12 years ago killed millions. The ecosystem collapsed. Chemical, biological and radioactive contamination have turned the areas into No-Man’s land. The Black Sea and coastal areas are practically lifeless. Central and southern Ukraine have been transformed into a common zone of influence for the G7 countries. Gas and oil pipelines are placed under the protection of Russian troops. Ukraine is divided into the Eastern Republic, which is under the protectorate of the Russian Empire (ruled by Emperor Alexander Alexandrovich Krutov, who was appointed to power by the people) and the Confederation, which is under the protectorate of Poland and the EU.

No-Man’s land is separated from the rest of the world by barbed wire fences, minefields and control paths. The neighboring countries dump criminals and dissidents there like in a swamp. Getting into the Zone of Common Influence means death, and sometimes worse than death. But people still live here. People for whom No-Man’s land has become a home.

In further storylines, a picture of modern political life in Ukraine unfolds. There are interests of the political elites of Ukraine, the Russian FSB, Cuban mercenaries and African terrorists. Another line is heroe’s affair with the press secretary of the President of Ukraine.

No-Man’s Land is a mixture of post-apocalyptic action, political crime, spy novel and prophecy.