Volumes: 2

author: H.L. Oldie

copies sold: 24.000

genre: Fantasy

translation possible from: Russian

rights available: all except Ukraine, UK/US


  • Golden Roskon 2014 for The Cyclops
  • Best book of the Year 2012 (Journal «Mir Fantastiki»)

Vol. 1 Monsters were Kind to Me
Azbooka 2012, 384 pages
Once upon a time in the caves of Shannuran, under the reign of the Black Widow, there was a meeting of three: Krash, the adopted son of the Black Widow, the great mage Simon The Ardent and the adventurer Vulm from Segentarra. Twenty years later the fate will bring them together again. The boy has grown up and is called Cyclops, he wears a leather ribbon around his head. The mage is heavily insured after fights with demons and needs Cyclops’ help.


Vol. 2 The King of Stones
Azbooka 2012, 384 pages

The adventurer has learned his lesson that it is always the dragons to laugh last. In winter after heavy snowing, this trinity is stuck in the dark town of Ter-Teset. But no time to freeze. The amulet manufacturer Ines di Salvare is going to die, a disease has turned her into a monster. But Cyclops, her humble servant, decides to continue her experiments although the powerful mages around are laughing at him.