The Powerful Ones

Volumes: 2

Author: H.L. Oldie

copies sold: 12.000

translation possible from: Russian

rights available: all except Czech Republic, Ukraine, UK/US

H.L. Oldie
Czech translation by Klara Kaplanova
Dobrovsky 2018
ISBN 9788075850874

Vol. 1 A Prisoner of the Iron Mountain
Azbooka 2016, 416 pages

Your name is Yuryun Yolan, The White Youth. You were born as a hero. Normal thing, you are not the first and not the last. You are ten years old and you hit the raven in the eye, the bear in the ear. You just need to go to Forge to get a knight’s armor. Life is wonderful, ahead are fights and victories. But a young athlete Omogoi who envies you, told you about your enigmatic brother. Your family does not want to speak about your brother, but you want to know a truth. In this moment your life is breaking into pieces, and those pieces fall into the Abyss of Death towards the Iron Cradles…


Vol. 2 The Black Heart
Azbooka 2016, 416 pages

Your bride is being kidnapped by a giant from the Underworld, your sister kidnapped by the younger brother of the giant. In exchange you are offered the kidnappers’ sister as new bride – she being more a monster than a woman. A family saga, says the seeing blind Saryn-Toyon, is more dangerous and mean than any heroic legends. You will have to experience it on your own skin.