Max Maximov

Max Maximov was born in Moscow in 1986. After high school, he first studied at the National University of Science and Technology MISiS, but was expelled for non-attendance. He switched to the Moscow College for Geodesy and Cartography and worked as a surveyor for eight years after graduating. At this time, he took up sports. He achieved a black belt in Aikido and became the winner of the Chekhov Cup in Karate in the Kumite section. In 2015, he started a YouTube channel called MaxMaximov. Currently the channel has about 3.12 million subscribers with more than a million daily views. In 2016 he started writing novels that immediately became self-publishing sensations with about 100,000 downloads per year. Since then, his work has been his YouTube channel and writing new books. He likes to play guitar and loves hardcore music. Maximov is married, has two children and lives with his family in Moscow.

Maximov’s short novels deliver science fiction in the best tradition of the Strugatski brothers. After a long predominance of entertainement and action in Russia his books are seen as an original revival of philosophical science fiction, horror or post-apocalypse. They are also timely parables exploring guilt and innocence, hell and paradise, life and spirit, nothingness and the morality of algorithms.

As though in parallel worlds or in different dimensions, the reader is taken along two plots lines which at first glance do not seem connected in any way. The connection only becomes clear in the course of or towards the end of the story. This alternation between parallel plotlines has become a trademark of Maximov.

2021 Aelita (Start) Award

3.7 Mio YouTube followers
over 2 Mio listenings of audioversion of GATE TO HEAVEN
over 320,000 listenings of audioversions of GOOD MAN and TO MARS!
over 100,000 downloads of his novels per year
over 180,000 sold print copies

„Oh man, a popular video blogger is writing novels… What’s that going to be like? Well, I’m glad to be mistaken… His books have filled my inner world with darkness… And I got hooked on this one, soaking it up at night on my tablet screen… And every time I reach the end, I shout out enthousiastically because he turns the whole story upside down and everything I thought while reading… Bravo!“
LIVELIB Reviewer

„If there is something missing in your life, something to turn your head and shift your perception, if you don’t want a trivial plot, but surprises, sudden turns, if you want to feel something new while reading a book – then this is the book for you … this is something real, something new in modern literature. It’s a synthesis of fiction, an attack on post-modernism and the energy of experiment.“
LIVELIB Reviewer

„The author combines all the right elements to make you want to read, together with the real hardcore of a sick fantasy. The plot is so confusing that it makes no sense to even speculate on how the story will end. And the hero himself turns out to be surprisingly alive and real, that you believe him… TO MARS! is not a run-of-the-mill novel, but a unique and living confirmation that Russian literature is quite alive.“
LIVELIB Reviewer



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