Gate to Heaven

Volumes: 1

author: Max Maximov

1.5 Mio listenings of audioversion

translation possible from: Russian and English

rights available: all except Bulgaria, China, Poland

Gate to Heaven
Eksmo. Moscow 2019. approx. 100 pages

available in full English

Anton is raising a handicapped child by himself. In order to pay for the nursing robot and also to save up for lifelong support, Anton works as a hitman. His daughter doesn’t know anything about it and also doesn’t know that her father has incurable lung cancer. Then Anton’s last mission goes wrong, he is arrested, his daughter is left alone with nursing robot Bob-3. Exactly at that moment, life takes a dramatic turn: higher forces intervene in the fate of the planet. For a short time, all humans become immortal and the resurrected dead populate the city – so that the angels of death of the Last Judgement can catch all the guilty ones. The innocent, however, will not be touched, but can freely decide how long they want to continue their life on Earth before they knock at the gate to heaven. Anton’s daughter is a good soul. But she doesn’t want to go to paradise without her father and Bob-3. Convinced of her father’s innocence, she makes her way through the cadaver-filled streets to the prison with Bob-3. There the cruel truth awaits her. Her father succumbs to his cancer. Bob-3, irreparably damaged in the chaos, wants to die a self-determined death and actively switches off his own power supply. Alone, Eva sets off for the gates of heaven to ask for a pardon for her father and a soul for Bob-3.

Robots have already entered our daily lives, and in a few dozen of years they will live next to us and help in our everyday life. Their algorithmic brains and our confidence in their total obedience does not guarantee that a soulless machine will not become intelligent, will not begin to think independently, will not look like a person.

The book begins in 1402, when a scientist is forced to renounce his blasphemous thoughts. Only then does the reader become acquainted with the story line in our near future. The medieval parallel story comes up again and again briefly before turning everything upside down at the end of the novel.

GATE TO HEAVEN is a novel about consciousness, the soul and artificial intelligence.

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