Darya Bobyleva

Darya Bobyleva was born in Moscow in 1982. After graduating from the Gorky Literary Institute, she worked as a translator for cinema and television, as well as a voice actress for cinema and computer games. Today she works in an antiquarian bookshop. Bobyleva lives in Moscow.


  • Master of Horror 2021
  • New Horizons 2019
  • Master of Horror 2019
  • Big Book longlist 2018
  • Yasnaya Polyana longlist 2018

«Darya Bobyleva has the talent of a sorceress in literature – she enters the dark memory of the most ordinary apartments, she senses troubles in familiar relationships, she knows the terrible secrets of average big-city families. The novel „Vyurki“ is the culmination of her mystical forays into the wrong side of everyday life.»

«Haze and horror completely unpredictable: the most important virtue of a modern author (tricking the reader by the nose so that no one knows what will happen on the next few pages), she masters brilliantly.»

«Daria Bobyleva immediately evokes a feeling of sweet and sleepy childish terror, which at the same time is overshadowed by an increased concrete belief in one‘s own safety and inaccessibility to the forces of evil.»

«Slavic mythology is indeed an uncultivated field (and just so vast that it can be tilled for a very long time) on which to create Russian horror, and that‘s what (this book) does in a great, fitting and flashy way.»

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