The agency focuses on representing Russian authors´ rights worldwide. Over 15 years we have been successfully selling high brow literature, various non-fiction and bestselling genres.

After discovering Dmitry Glukhovsky and bringing his bestselling post-apocalyptic Metro series to 35 foreign markets, the agency now would like to offer new authors and a wider range of sci-fi and fantasy.

We hereby concentrate not on single titles, but on series only, the majority of them bestselling on amazon/audible and thus available in English translations.

Vasily Mahanenko: The Way of the Shaman – Germany/ Lübbe
H. L. Oldie: The Powerful Ones – Czech Republic/ Dobrovsky
Nik Perumov: Adventures of Molly Blackwater – Czech Republic/ Dobrovsky, Poland/ Akurat
Ellen Stellar: Academy of Malediction – World English/ Royal Hawaiian Press

D. RUS: Play to LiveGermany/ Heyne